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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm PST

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>> good afternoon again. thank you director and good morning. i'm katherine. this last item is a combined plan for affordable rentals. you've reviewed this back in december and june of last year. after i give a brief overview the developer will present the promise. so this project will be developed with chinatown development corpses. it's located on block 7 west which is a 1.8 acre parcel and you bound by mission bay north to the south. and fourth street to the west and it pedestrian views or walkway on the east that divides
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the parcel which you've heard about in the past. it includes units above ground retail and this is increased to one hundred. there will be a one hundred and 6 bicycle parking spaces. this is 3 hundred more spaces than the parking requirements. there will be open space areas. the project is very centralizing located for transit and spop spop. you'll have a stop flovr in front of the building and a 5 minute walk to a cal train and they'll be able to take
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advantage of the bart shuttle. when the project is open the new children's park will be half a block away and will be up and running when the project opens it t it's doors. i want to invite kevin heel review the design with you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. chair johnson and director. i've kevin from david barker architect. i wanted to introduce a few people in the audience. we have a couple of folks from our officer we have our architects and engineers so
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everybody has turned pr as you know block 7 that's the team up there. they've obviously - it works now. beautiful. block 7 is bounded by 4 and third street and mission bay boulevard. this first image is an aerial view from the northeast that shows the model that you saw and you've looked at it as we've passed it around. i wanted to point out the building is a lot of the buildings that's arranged around a larger central court yard. this is a view from the
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southwest looking at the building between the future family house this will be a landscape view of mid block passage. i have a few diagrams this one she's how transit rich this site is. you'll see the third street and mission shuttle and the diagram shows the stocks and the 22 is going to be relocated and it's turn around will be in front of our building. we're about a 5 minute block from trans station. it's a good access to get around the neighborhood and down to the peninsula. the next diagram shows the bicycle lanes in front of the
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building. 5 and 10 minute block you can access the new bike share program and bicycle to a meeting or do your errands. the next slide shows the various open spaces around the site. in the near future i believe children's park is going to be constructed about a block away from our building. you can see the successor fields and the dog park at the at the end of the mission creek so there's plenty in open spaces around the site. so some of the strategies we used to design the building as i mentioned it's around a large court yard and we've activated
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it with retail and entry places. we have large corner elements to transition to the uscf buildings and intrastate at that next door and stepped up the rooflines and we've introduced balconies to articulate the facades. those sun devicess are placed in relation to the orientation of the sun to the west and south. some of the amenities on site management we'll have obtain site manager and a community room and kitchen that opens to the ground level court yard and secured bike parking on each floor of the buildings and some bike parking in the corridors. a lounge that opens to the upper
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podium and a laundry room and a terrace for a barbecue for the residents. so quite a few amenities. it's a combination of 1 and 2 bedroom opts. one hundred and 28 bedroom units that are raged in 5 stories of the project. i'm going to show you 2 diagrams that conform with the dp d we have retail on commerce boulevard. 10 thousand square foot of retail. we have two lobbies one is on mission boulevard and a
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secondary lobby they both have elevator access to the upper floors where we have an interior with 53 parking is that a and 1 off street loading is that a. we have 5 hundred and 58 bike spaces. there's secured rooms on the upper floors of the buildings so resident can take their bikes up and store them. we have 2 hundred and 8 spaces and other spaces for frenzy who come by and want to secure their bikes. spopz 70 square feet per units
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because of the various balconies along fourth street so long as china basin we're up in space per unit. so i'm going to walk you around the building. this first image is from fourth street that shows our iconic lemons a tapering mass that's clad in steel and the windows are framed with a thin receded and the ground floor comblaigz is set back if had the total four stories above are on concrete columns. you have the view due fourth street that shows the mass set back into the ground floor retail. this is a close view of the corner where we set back the
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corner for the ground floor. the next image is further down fourth street automotive start to see where we have corridors in the building and they expend e extend out to provide natural light so at the end of the corridors we have glazing for the viewers. this part of the building has a potential for lounges and you then start to see the introduction of the retail along fourth street. this is further down fourth street we have the ground floor retail and the upper stories are for the development guidelines. here we introduced sunlight
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device for the balconies. this is the railing for the desk above we set back the entrances that is a traditionally design element that you find in other retail smaller retail in the neighborhoods. so we took our accuses from that you can see that in this photocopy. and then down further on the street we've introduced another corner element this is the same as strada and clad in the steeled. we move down china basin and this is for the upper stories and through the glass beyond into the main court yard. this is the private balcony
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stoops. you can start to see how we've built the massively down from fourth street and the stunned balconies. this is public educational and off this moose are unit entries stoops as you see in this image a closer view along the pathway between the two buildings you'll see the stoops for people to sit or in on a sunny day and activate that wake way. we're on mission bay boulevard
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and you see the stair tower that has a landscape of bamboo and there's a gap between the 5 story and the other portion there. we have a glazed fence to look into the court yard and people what look at the street. there you can look at outside the building. this location is the main entry into the building. we've warmed-up each entry with a signature door to see into the main court yard. so the court yard i'll take you inside that is a step court yard part of it occurs above the garage and there's the common room kitchen and exercise room.
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so this is a view of that common building it's two levels and we have stairs it take you that to the upper level behind the railing and planter. this is some of the tree sprees in this image and this image shows the upper level court yard that is had a synthetic surface and the laundry room is in the distance and kids can be out there kicking a ball and running around. behind the building there's more outdoor spaces for having our lunch or dining. and then a quick image of the
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landscape materials the planters with bench seating and barbecues and picnic table. that's the end of my presentation i'm going to turn it over to to katherine >> the o pa allows for the approval. there are blocks 2, 3 and 7 and blocks 11 and 12 have tables both the family house and this one we're amending this to basically update those projects. the additional 37 unit are looked to the other sites and there's plenty of room. also sporadic for this project
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we're amendment the phase along fourth street you can encroach into the project this will provide a 6 foot set back so we're keeping to the intent and break up the design. the project was presented to the sentence advisory committee and we did a refresher back in may of 2013 we're supportive of the project. the 2011 comments resolved around the space for an active of the range of resident we didn't have the - we knew the children's park was coming but we have additional grant fund and this project will be opened
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afterward. and as you've seen it includes the flexible space for the kids. the developer will comply with the project and we have 43 approval of the m b e and the associate architect is a local latino developer. during the construction phase the development will have the 50 percent contradiction sub contracting participation with
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the local force hiring goals. so in conclusion the staff recommend it be approved. there's several conditions that are standard we're going to keep an eye on you kind of conditions to work through the development. that concludes my presentation. i'd like to recognition pam and ethan our assistant project managers and others who have contributed if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them. thank you. >> thank you very much any any public comment on this item?. >> i have one speaker card from corrin woods. >> you're probably getting tired of hearing from me. we support this project and
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ladder to having the next project in mission bay. one of our concerns with spop is the mice between family house and this block. we wanted to make sure it felt welcoming and open and not dark and constrained. thank you. >> i think we have one more. >> dr. jackson. i'd like to say that i support this. and i've talked with the people that's involved and i'm very much satisfied especially, when they were talking about the local hiring. you know in the city and county
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of san francisco that are working with the developers and are here. i'm hoping you'll pass this today and this is something that most people don't do is work with the community. most of them i see coming from my area is hunter's point. thank you very much >> thank you very much. let's move to questions or comments on this project. so we've seen the design before. i don't know if i asked origin but are we looking at elevating the roof i don't see anything
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else. >> there will be solar panels on the roof and a two level podium and it has another 5 thousand square feet. it gets tricky and expensive in terms of, you know, water proovl and existing bike safety so we decided to ata put all the landscape at the ground and half of the 23 thousand is landscaping for mature trees >> i agree with you i don't think i was talking about open space that's available for recreation you can also have vegetation are more energy technology like solar and other
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technology for rekrooirlg or reheating water. i think this is a discussion for retrofit but i wanted to ask about this one >> we'll have solar hot water to supplement thefully percent above title 54. there will be solar panels to be added at the later date >> excellent thank you. >> i wanted to make a couple comments. the designs are excellent but i couldn't image this.
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i appreciate the setbacks do you guys handle the trees and it seems a lot of the trees are blocking the retail. what's the theory behind making sure that's still visual to folks on the outside. >> the trees are more project basis so they're going to be maintained by the project truthfully the trees don't grow that quickly and we're not running into an issue of trees. >> i wanted to make sure there seemed retail and a bunch of - >> i want you let me know it's a 2 -lane street and it's very, very community based so i don't think that having trees
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overshadowing will block oxen's ability. >> that's way he was worried about. excellent >> any questions or comments i'd like to entertain a motion. >> i move to approve the plan. >> thank you a second. >> i'll second. >> thank you very much. madam secretary >> commissioner ellington. commissioner mondejar. commissioner singh is absent. commissioner rosales arrest commissioner johnson. thank you thank you very much call the next item >> the next order of business is any public comment on non-agenda items. >> thank you very much any speaker cards. >> i have dr. jackson.
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>> i'm dr. jackson. i feel that you all this commission need to hold a hearing on things that have been presented to you. and especially my community. there's so much that's going on. i want to show you something. how old it - hold it baby
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can you see that? >> yes. i can i just would like to say that i'm proud of the fact that martin luther king was just celebrated his birthday yesterday and black history month is coming up during my birthday month february the 9th. and so i would for you all to have a meeting about my community bayview hunter point they're talking about changing
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the name of hunter point and making it a shipyard. that disturbs me. and every penny h that have came into san francisco have came through what we coincide it hunter point usa and all those funds most of those funds are still coming into the city but we at hunters point has not seen a penny. one of your people here olsen lee is going to come to you and ask you to vote on a revision of
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the housing authority. you know, we did that. the community when i was a resident at public housing in 1991. i think what i need to do is remind you when the president of the united states came to hunter view did you give a copy of that >> yes. you did. >> so you can see where those programs came from. we're not getting any of the benefits. i wish you all would not be a rubber stamp you know for what's going on for len arrest. thank you very much and you all have a blessed day >> thank you very much i did not see mr. washington in the
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room. on the next item >> it's a report of the madam chair. >> thank you very much i don't have a report other than talking about the next meeting where it will moot. next item >> the next order of business is the report of the executive director. >> commissioners looking ahead as our chair dictated we have budget workshops starting in april we propose to do two workshops with consideration of the budget at your first meeting in may at which time we'll forward it to the mayor's office and the board for its consideration and the board of
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supervisors that will consider our separate resolution and approves the budgeted operate is from other city departments but they scheduled those hearings for june at least two meetings in june and the budget gets adapted once the mayor and staff gets done through the process. we've got up coming the first part of the fiscal year we'll have a workshop on the rocks and a workshop with the oversight board we'll get started with the budget technically next our next meeting we'll begin the discussions. that's looking ahead. in terms of other miles an hour governor jerry brown


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